15 Minute Visit - $10

30 Minute Visit - $15

45 Minute Visit - $25

60 Minute Visit - $30

 *No Additional Pet Fees!!*


Your dog needs the exercise and you need a

little help with your busy schedule. Let us be

your helping hand to a calmer routine.


Your dog will get to enjoy some fresh air and familiar

smells while doing his / her business. We will take care of making sure there is fresh water and depending on the time of day, we will take care of feeding and administering any medications plus any basic home care.

We always provide lots of praise and affection and when we're done we'll let you know how much fun we had together and any other important details (plus cute pictures of your dog!). The end result will be a happier, more well-balanced dog to greet you at the end of your busy day!


Our pet sitting services are great for those

with busy work schedules. If you have to stay

late or go early to work, we can care for your furry friends while you are gone.

Waiting to take that vacation? Book it! We can watch your pets in the comfort of their own home for as long as you are away. We will make sure your pets follow their usual routine and feel safe and comfortable. We will also make sure that any small animals in the home receive proper care, and look after your home while you are away (pick up mail, take out your trash, water your plants and make it look occupied).

We take care of any animal & have experience with them all - small mammals, reptiles, farm animals, the list goes on! 


Overnight pet sitting in your home includes: a dinner and breakfast feeding, a 30 minute visit/walk at night as well as in the morning, and an evening full of snuggles and companionship for your pets. Perfect for a new puppy or pets who just like to cuddle with someone at night!

Arrival time is typically between 9:30-10PM & departure time typically between 6:30-7AM.

*$55 per Night*

**All dog walking and pet sitting services can be customized to suit you and your pets needs. Create your own package by selecting the time lengths needed. Tell us your requirements and a special schedule will be created at your free consultation.

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